Meet Your Green Brook
Onboarding Team

Peiman (Pronounced Pay-mon) Khamisi

Peiman’s life has been characterized by abundance. Native to Iran, he is trilingual in Farsi, Arabic and English. Throughout his childhood and education, his exposure to various cultures developed his appreciation and care for people. When he was eight years old, his parents decided to move their family to the U.S. for different opportunities. During their migration, Peiman was required to spend seven years apart from his family. This challenge built his faith and taught him resilience. A decade since moving here, Peiman recognizes and celebrates the sacrifices his parents made for him and his siblings.

Peiman has been with the Green Brook team since 2019 and has deeply enjoyed connecting with and serving our Valued Clients. 

His wife Ashley shares his appreciation for people and culture, and they enjoy traveling. They recently took a trip to Greece and intend to go back. They attend a church in West Chicago, IL where they met.  

Saul Ruiz,
Risk Specialist

Saul is a husband and father from Downers Grove, Illinois. He attended DeVry University before fully diving into entrepreneurship. It was during his first years in business when his life was hit with unexpected circumstances. 

Saul was 20 years old when he experienced two of his closest childhood friends passing away in the same year to cancer.  After witnessing the emotional and financial devastation both of the families had to endure, it inspired him to change career paths and pursue the insurance industry. Now, Saul has a deep passion for proper insurance protection and financial literacy, and he fights for his clients’ well-being.

Saul has been with Green Brook since 2019 and has enjoyed helping to secure people, their loved ones and their belongings.

Guess What's True (Hints Above)

What's Next?

During your next meeting with Saul:

1. Compare coverage and prices of policies

2. Discuss need-to-know basics and tailor coverage

3. Q&A and Final Policy Recommendation/Offering