Meet Your Green Brook
Onboarding Team


Peiman’s life has been characterized by abundance. Native to Iran, he is trilingual in Farsi, Arabic and English. Throughout his childhood and education, his exposure to various cultures developed his appreciation and care for people. When he was eight years old, his parents decided to move their family to the U.S. for different opportunities. During their migration, Peiman was required to spend seven years apart from his family. This challenge built his faith and taught him resilience. A decade since moving here, Peiman recognizes and celebrates the sacrifices his parents made for him and his siblings.

Peiman has been with the Green Brook team since 2019 and has deeply enjoyed connecting with and serving our Valued Clients. 

His wife Ashley shares his appreciation for people and culture, and they enjoy traveling. They recently took a trip to Greece and intend to go back. They attend a church in West Chicago, IL where they met.  

Andrew Denton,
Risk Specialist

Andrew is a proud first generation American. He grew up in Philadelphia, PA in an entrepreneurial and musical family. He enjoyed reggae, gospel and hip hop music and took piano lessons. It was his passion for basketball that led to him walking on at a Division 1 university, and after obtaining a B.S. in Religion, playing basketball overseas. While overseas, for two years he also worked as a history teacher at a Palestinian High School. It was at this point that Andrew met his wife.

After moving back to the states, he found the insurance industry. From years of working at a Fortune 100 insurance company, he noticed issues that led to lost money, lost time, and increased work and stress for shoppers. With great care for his clients and a passion for the fair treatment of homeowners in claims situations, Andrew started Green Brook.

Andrew and his wife, Molly have two children, Nolan and Peter, and live in the Chicago region. See video. Guess what’s true and what’s false. (Hints above.)

What's The Next Part?

During your next meeting with Andrew:

1. Compare coverage and prices of policies

2. Discuss need-to-know basics and tailor coverage

3. Q&A and Final Policy Recommendation/Offering


"The Green Brook team are in a league of their own when it comes to insurance!
Their level of expertise is something you have to experience for yourself.
They saved us a ton on our policies."
Britta, Sugar Grove
Valued Client