Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional shopping experience! Well, maybe it depends on what you’re shopping for. If it’s for a new pair of shoes or a cool gadget that’s one thing, but insurance? Meh.

Most people understand that insurance prepares us for some of life’s hardest hits! We use it to transfer the risks of financial loss from accidental injuries or damage to property. So it’s important stuff, but the complexity and vagueness of insurance causes people to see it as a burden, avoid it, and reduce it to a “legal requirement.” In 2020 people are past the trouble and pain of the insurance shopping experience. 

1. It's A Slow Process

Looking for the best insurance means calling and researching lots of insurance companies, tracking down (and avoiding) insurance agents, learning what’s right for you, comparing coverages, canceling old policies, notifying banks, and normally, losing time. 

2. It's A Difficult Process

For something as important as financial protection, responsible people do their due diligence. Insurance shoppers oftentimes become overwhelmed with the selection of companies, agents, and coverages to choose from. Processing all the choices and insurance concepts can be hard to deal with and understand. 

3. It's A Frustrating Process

Commonly, insurance shoppers decide on a policy and then learn that a critically important coverage is missing. Sometime shoppers learn that the great price they were given was for a six-month term instead of a twelve-month term. Or they finally realize that their amazing price didn’t factor in claims incidents from the last five years (and that great price just doubled). Those last-moment nuisances are annoying.  

4. It's Expensive

Ever heard of decision fatigue? In insurance, it can happen when you’ve lost time, wrestled with hard decisions, been mislead and disappointed, and still have no insurance to show for it. At this point you pick the most honest-seeming agent or get insurance from an online bot company. But settling for insurance allows coverage gaps, which leads to lost money, more lost time, and increased work and stress in service and claims situations.

5. You don't have to go through that anymore; you're worth better.

Green Brook has many carriers to choose from which means great price, great coverage and great care. Our status as “independent” means we aren’t allies with any particular insurance carrier. We can be unbiased and advocate for you, both prior to onboarding and in claims situations. Our expertise, allegiance, service, integrity and advocacy are for you; our goal is to make sure you have the insurance protection you’re worth. 

Our Process


To protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables, we need your information. Fill out the form.


Your licensed onboarding team will quickly compare your quotes and email a proposal for your review.


We’ll advise, have Q&A’s and offer the best policy recommendations.We’ll help cancel previous policies, etc. 



"Green Brook helped me switch insurance companies
for auto and home.
I hate doing things like this but they made it very easy
and saved me money while getting me more insurance...
Highly recommend them."

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