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The photo is a tree logo with three people in the tree. The three people represent the three pillars of Green Brook: (1) Knowledge, (2) Options, and (3) Care. These pillars support the goal of Green Brook for its clients: Empowerment for wealth, asset and income protection.

The Rainy Day Ready Blog

Overview Does the word insurance scare you?It’s BIG, it’s complicated, you get the r u n a r o u n d, and… is your best interest really apriority?That is why Green Brook exists.We want to take the scariness, the complexity—the PAIN—and throw it out the window!Insurance should work for you. It’s one of the […]

Life Insurance

Why Life Insurance is Your Financial Safety Net The Need For Life Insurance Based on a true story: A lady named Kai contacted her car insurance agent with an unusual request. She needed help searching for her late mother’s life insurance policy. Kai, the person who the family depended on most, was trying to pick […]