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Does the word insurance scare you? 

It’s BIG, complicated, you get the r u n a r o u n d, and makes you wonder… is your best interest really a priority?

That is why Green Brook exists. 

We want to take the scariness, the complexity—the PAIN—and throw it out the window!

Insurance should work for you. It’s one of the biggest tools for keeping your hard-earned money in your hands.

Our goal at Green Brook Insurance is your empowerment—to protect that money! We empower you to protect your wealth, assets, income, and financial future, and we throw insurance-related pain out the window.

We call our customer service “client care” because we treat our clients like members with guiding care, fighting for the best coverage, best rates, and overall peace of mind for each and every one of you. 

We know that the world of insurance can feel like this mystical thing full of legal jargon; Green Brook wants to provide financial clarity and demystify it. Financial success begins with knowing your financial goals, accessing the options available to reach those goals, and having a competent team in your corner that actually cares about you and wants the best for you! 

So get ready! Grab a warm beverage and snuggle in because Green Brook’s Rainy Day Ready Blog is committed to informing you and showing you how insurance should be done! 


A Bit About Green Brook

Our Values 

Expertise, Allegiance, Service, Integrity and Advocacy

Our Vision 

A society rid of insurance-related pain.

Our Mission

Empower: Support financial consciousness and help avoid financial vulnerability.

Our Pillars (for Empowerment)  

Knowledge, Options, Care 

What makes insurance so complicated? 

Lack of Knowledge 

Lack of Options 

Lack of Care


Gain The Knowledge

What are your first thoughts when you walk into an ice cream parlor? For us, it’s “How many samples can I get?!”  You can think about insurance in the same way. There are so many providers and differing levels of coverage, it is our job to help show you the ‘flavors,’ as it were, and make sure you find your best ‘tasting’ option! Your insurance needs to fit into your greater financial picture and be appropriate for your specific financial situation. We find that learning and applying knowledge about your finances actively, intentionally, and strategically empowers you for financial success, especially when protecting your money.

Conversing with our experts is a crucial step in making insurance purchases as it guides making a more informed decision. Not only do we provide insight into the carriers and coverages, we also provide a personalized strategy for positioning you for the best possible outcomes, making your insurance payments less expensive without sacrificing coverage. We help you understand YOUR coverage options and identify potential risks and opportunities to find the best fit for you!

With Green Brook, you’ll decide where and how to avoid, retain, share, or transfer financial risk in ideal ways. You’ll understand what insurance features to look for and which will be most beneficial to you. This access will save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

*Summary: We find that learning and applying knowledge about your finances in an active, intentional, and strategic way empowers you for financial success, including when it comes to protecting your money.

Know Your Options

To demonstrate the importance of weighing your insurance options, we want to tell a customer’s story shared by CEO and Founder, Andrew Denton:

A lady needed homeowners insurance and gave me a call. She was a single mother who was proud to move into her first home with her young son. She told me how excited her son was about his new room, and how they were both looking forward to having friends over. 

Earlier in the conversation, she had turned down my offer for auto insurance, but after shopping for her home insurance, I mentioned that she could save $300 if she ever changed her mind about bundling her home and auto policies.

She hesitated and said, “Let’s try it. Um… here’s the thing: A little while ago I bought a car, but before I could drive off the dealership lot, the finance manager put me on the phone with an insurance agent who gave me a quick, cheap, ‘full coverage’ policy. 

They said it was a ‘legal requirement.’ 

A week later, I was driving on the highway, and my tire went flat. I swerved into an 18-wheeler, who ran into two other vehicles! 

Somehow, nobody was hurt, but the total cost of all the property damage was $70,000.” 

I had to ask: “How much property damage liability coverage did you have on that auto insurance policy?” 

She responded, “$20,000… and I just got a letter from my insurance company saying I am being sued for $50,000.” 

Me: “…I’m really sorry to hear that.”

This $50,000 lawsuit was insurance-related pain. The loss of money, time, and other resources because of her insufficient coverage led to mental anguish—pain. And later on, after I provided her insurance, I found out that she wouldn’t be needing that home policy. 

She could not qualify for her home mortgage after factoring in that $50,000 loss. This emotional situation was an insurance-related pain the whole family felt.

Insurance isn’t just a “legal requirement.” In this case, it was the difference between homeownership and no home plus a $50,000 lawsuit. For many, it’s worse. The financial seriousness of it is why weighing insurance options is so critical. 

Your Green Brook Insurance Advisors understand that making these choices can be difficult and overwhelming, so we act as the strategist in your corner to help you decide what products best meet your needs and budget. 

Choices help you find the best value for your money so you can ensure you get the most out of your spending. Green Brook is here to do the work for you, sifting through all the different plans. We have no allegiance to a single carrier and are working to seek the best possible policy for YOU. 

Our expert knowledge base is focused on matching our clients with the best carriers for their specific needs: no strings attached, just better coverage. Being able to evaluate different personal, business or life insurance products allows you to find the best options for your needs and budget. 

*Summary: We’re not “Captive” or “Exclusive” agents who only offer insurance from one or a few carriers. We’re independent and have a lot of great carriers to choose from. Having these options empowers you to protect your finances.

Receive The Care

Green Brook works for you and collaborates with outside professionals when insurance is involved. We work to tailor insurance policies to you because there is no magic “one size fits all” plan. Every person is unique and we believe their insurance should suit them. After our experts talk with you to figure out your needs, we actively shop with our many providers to a custom fit. 

We are dedicated to finding the best for our clients, even if that means going back and investigating denied claims. We treat our clients as we would want to be treated, and we will fight for the very best for you. In that way, we also don’t use any call centers, our designated licensed insurance advisors are directly accessible via call, text, or email when you need them. Green Brook is committed to Annual Policy Reviews to ensure you maintain a competitive rate and appropriate coverage.

*Summary: Insurance is meant to support you, but managing it can be a hassle, confusing, and aggravating. There is a need for empathy, accessibility, follow up–care–in our clients’ success. Care is also empowering and plays a role in our clients’ financial peace.


Now that you know the basics of who we are and why we exist,

 let’s go a little deeper into what insurance products we offer!

Product Overview

What is insurance? 

At its core, insurance is payment on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about expensive bills. Expenses from accidents and unexpected events will come up at one point or another. That’s where Green Brook steps in to help.

Let’s look at different insurances we offer:

—Life Insurance

There are many strategic uses for life insurance. Mostly, it provides financial security to your loved ones in the event of a death. There are lots of “bells and whistles” which can be included in these policies, but the basic purpose is to cover funeral expenses, replace lost income, pay off debt, and maintain a lifestyle. 

Interested to learn more? 

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—Home Insurance

Home insurance helps protect your home and possessions against damage or loss caused by fires, natural disasters, theft, and other events. It also provides the residents with liability coverage for accidents they may be responsible for. 

Interested to learn more? 

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—Auto Insurance 

Your auto policy helps if you cause an auto accident resulting in injuries, death or property damage to others’ property. Auto insurance can also pay for damage to your vehicle and injuries to your passengers if you get into an accident.

Interested to learn more? 

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—Business Insurance

There are various risks associated with running a business. With these risks there is need for different forms of business insurance, such as, business personal property, general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, and more. Oftentimes, these insurances are packaged together, but each type of insurance is designed to protect a business from a particular type of risk.

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If you have made it this far, we want to thank you SO MUCH for being #RainyDayReady with us. 

We hope your main takeaway is this: we will fight for you. We understand the world of insurance seems big and scary, but we want to equip you and let you know that you are not alone. 

We will exhaust our resources to prevent your insurance-related pain. Because insurance is a “vital safety net,” as NerdWallet describes, we are here so that you are not in the dark about something that can seem complicated. Part of that is supporting your financial awareness in order to avoid financial vulnerabilities. Green Brook Insurance’s formula for financial success is Knowledge, Options, and Care.

We take the scariness, the complexity—the PAIN—and throw it out the window!

Our deepest conviction is that insurance should work for you, and making that your reality is our pleasure. It’s all about keeping your hard-earned money in your hands.  

At Green Brook Insurance, your empowerment is what we strive for. We empower you to protect your wealth, your assets, your income, and your financial future.

That is why Green Brook exists.