Frequently Asked Questions

General Query

1. How do I know my premium and coverage will still make sense in the long run?

To ensure appropriate coverage and the right price, we provide our Valued Clients with an Annual Policy Review.

2. Which insurance companies do you represent?

Too many to mention! We work with reputable, financially strong insurance providers to protect your assets.

3. Why choose Green Brook?

At Green Brook, our allegiance is not to a particular insurance company; our allegiance is to you.

Service Query

1. Will Green Brook help me cancel my old insurance policies?

Yes! We will call your prior carrier with you to thank them for their rendered services and request cancellation and refund(s) if applicable (you must be refunded for unused premium as you cannot be insured with multiple carriers for the same coverage).

2. Will Green Brook communicate the changes with my mortgage/escrow company?

Yes! We will invoice your mortgage company and provide proof of insurance with your new carrier, etc.

3. Who do I contact for help regarding a claim?

Your Licensed Insurance Advisor is accessible and cares about your situation.

4. What kind of service can I expect from Green Brook Insurance?

We have an in-house team of licensed experts who specialize in providing peace of mind for all your insurance needs.

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