Author: Olivia Denton

So You Want To Be An Investor? Start Here!

To decide on when to invest, one must understand what “investing” actually is.  There are many forms of investing, and not all are particular to financial investing.   It has often been written that investing in others, yourself, and your family is productive.  Arguing the counterpoint would be a challenge to win.  Expending time, energy, […]

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Sheena Baker: Helping the Community Become Homeowners (@SheenaSells)

After purchasing her first home at the age of 19, Sheena Baker went on to develop a passion for real estate and years later obtained her real estate license in 2006 as she wanted everyone to experience the benefits of home-ownership. Sheena has been a real estate investor, owning multiple units as well as servicing […]

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Budget: a Four-Letter Word!

Is budget a four letter word?  In many households, it is stronger than a four-letter word. In reality, it is misunderstood and over complicated.  The better terminology is naming it a Spending Plan.  A budget makes one feel constrained, restricted, and controlled.  A Spending Plan should elicit freedom. A Spending Plan should give people flexibility. […]

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