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Insurance is a large pillar in your financial construction; it should support what you’re working hard for. But managing it can be tedium, confusing, frustrating—painful. At Green Brook, we remedy insurance-related pain. We are committed to making insurance help you by partnering with you in active wealth and income protection.

Our Values

Expertise | Allegiance | Service | Integrity | Advocacy

Our core values come from our belief that people are inherently worthy of dignity and, regarding insurance, worthy of the best. We believe providing the best for our clients requires Expertise, Allegiance, Service, Integrity, and Advocacy. Our values are our heartbeat; they inform the infrastructure of our company. Since people’s financial protection is so important to address, we are continually designing and refining resources to take the intimidation and mystery out of insurance.

Insurance 1-2-3's
"People need to understand
(1) what [insurance] offers,
(2) what’s appropriate for them, and
(3) which carrier options suit them.
Green Brook helps with this.”

Our Method

That was the goal for Andrew Denton, Green Brook Insurance’s Founder. From years of working in insurance at a Fortune 100 insurance firm, he noticed a common problem: Oftentimes the complexity and vagueness of insurance causes people to see it as a burden, avoid it, and/or reduce it to a “legal requirement.” Further, with all of the companies to investigate and choose from, buyers succumb to decision fatigue. Overwhelmed with the burden of their “requirement,” they settle on an honest-seeming agent or online insure-bot company. But settling for insurance allows coverage gaps which lead to lost money, lost time, and increased work and stress in service and claims situations. 

“Regarding insurance, people need to understand (1) what it offers, (2) what’s appropriate for them, and (3) which carrier options suit them.” Unlike “order-taker” or “bot” companies, we utilize technology to educate people on what insurance offers, which coverages are appropriate, and which carriers suit those needs, as well as streamline the insurance proposal process. Our shoppers are benefited by our many insurance carriers’ products, unlike with captive companies whose allegiance is to the carrier. Our array of financially strong choices allows for tailored coverage, competitive pricing, and advocacy in claims situations.

Not only do we provide insurance education, quote-to-quote comparisons, policy reviews, and insurance proposals prior to client on-boarding, after onboarding we provide Annual Policy Reviews to make sure coverages are still appropriate and pricing is still competitive—year after year. Our valued clients have the cell phone number of their Licensed Insurance Advisor for a call or text when an insurance concern arises. Our clients, their loved ones and their belongings are our number one priority.


We strive to empower our clients because they’re worth it! Our expertise, allegiance, service, integrity and advocacy provide the best experience. Hear about the results of our standards. 

Causes We Support

Mental Health

We advocate for- and support all human health. Sadly, our emotional, psychological and social well-being, or mental health, is more important than we sometimes recognize. In some cases, there is a stigma associated with getting mental health help. Since managing how we think, feel and act is basic for functioning in society, we’ve made supporting mental health awareness a priority of ours.

Financial Literacy

We are passionate about simplifying insurance concepts because they are an important part of people’s financial picture. We find that many people are not knowledgeable on many financial concepts that are necessary for thriving in a our society. We support efforts that empower people to contribute economically to their immediate communities and greater society.

Trafficked individuals are used mostly for sex work or manual labor. Our partner, Exodus Cry, is focused on ending sex slavery and has a strategic plan to do so. View their Netflix documentary Liberated or press play here to see their award-winning film, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. Click to DONATE directly.

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