It Takes Long

Calling and researching companies; tracking down, avoiding, comparing agents; cancellations, notifying banks of insurance changes... Yikes!

It's Hard

Processing the selection of companies, agents, and coverages to choose from is important but can be overwhelming.

It's Frustrating

Last minute hiccups with bad coverages, claims reports, and prices after all that research and planning. These nuisances are draining.

It's Expensive

Decision fatigue and settling for insurance means coverage gaps, more lost time, more work, stress in claims situations, and lost money.

It's Outdated!

Green Brook is the better way! We shop for you. The best carriers. Great price. Great coverage. Great service. Every single year. You're worth it.

Our Process

Our experts learn about you and shop our A-rated insurance carriers for you! You can sit back and save money, time, energy and be secure… year after year.

Step 1

To protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables, we need your information. Fill out the form.

Step 2

Your licensed onboarding team will quickly compare your quotes and email a proposal for your review.

Step 3

We’ll advise, have Q&A’s and offer the best policy recommendations.We’ll help cancel previous policies, etc. 

What Our Valued clients are saying

"Green Brook helped me switch insurance companies for auto and home. I hate doing things like this but they made it very easy and saved me money while getting me more insurance... Highly recommend them."
Blake, Wheaton
Valued Client
"Green Brook saves you money and does all the work so if you switch insurance it will be almost no effort on your part. Highly recommend."
Lorin, Oak Park
Valued Client
"My experience with Green Brook was amazing. My insurance specialist was very attentive to what my needs and budget were and made sure that I was educated on every possible option. I have a great rate that is very affordable!"
Whitney, Chicago
Valued Client
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