2019: Make This An Amazing Year

Welcome to 2019! While I would like to start this piece by saying that this will be your best year ever, I most certainly cannot do that. “Why?” you ask? Well, as an insurance company we take liability seriously and, frankly, would rather not make any promises that we cannot keep. Here’s the good news, you have the ability to make it the best year possible with one word: Make! There are certainly a ton of articles that are telling you how to have a great year, but I figured we’d keep it simple for you. Make is an intentional action word that puts you in the position of power, readiness, and responsibility. If you’re ready to make this year amazing, here are some of our suggestions on how to do just that!

  1. Make lists – There are a lot of things to remember and get done. How does it all work? Well, lists are a really good starting point. From what needs to be done today to things you need to remember for tomorrow. Making lists helps to keep you organized and moving forward as you cross things off that needed your attention.
  2. Make budgets – This year, don’t ask where your money went, tell it where to go. Understand your finances and responsibilities along with your goals in order to create the budget that is the best for you, and your needs. While doing this, don’t forget to check in with all of your service providers and see if you are currently getting the best rates and the right services. It never hurts to look again.
  3. Make time – It’s easy to get caught up in professional pursuits; they are important, but after the work is done, what matters is who you share your time and experiences with. Don’t forget about family, friends and other important people like mentor. Being able to have stable relationships makes it possible to live a fulfilling life.
  4. Make clear goals and plans to achieve them – There’s a saying that a goal without a plan is a wish. We tend to set lofty goals and resolutions for the turn of the year, thinking that this passage of time will somehow make us better and equipped people but then drop our resolutions when we realize that change is hard. If you have a goal, look at it  realistically and make a plan so that it becomes attainable.
  5. Make good choices – Be conscious of your choices. While things may happen around  and to you, your response is what matters. Be kind to yourself and others.
  6. Make your move – the elevation of your life is dependent upon the actions that you decide to take. You don’t have to do everything but in order to effect change, but you have to do something, and when you do it, go all in!

This year, we hope that you make the absolute most of the time you’ve been given to do more and be more. We wish you the very best in 2019 and look forward to helping you be the best, most prepared version of yourself.

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