Insurance tailored to you

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because you're worth it.

welcome to

Green Brook


welcome to

Green Brook


We're Just Different

We're Human

We’re licensed human beings you can call, text or email. We understand human frustration, know what accidents are like, and we’re reachable if you have any insurance concern. At Green Brook, we’re about Empathy and Expertise!

We Can Advocate

With our array of carriers we can offer appropriate, tailored coverage and an excellent price! We check in at least once yearly to make sure your coverage is still appropriate and your price is still competitive. This “check-in” is our Annual Policy Review and it’s one way we advocate for you because our allegiance is to you.

We Prioritize People

We are appointed with the best insurance carriers to serve our valued clients’ needs. We don’t collect and sell your information to the highest bidding sales rep or anyone else. We prioritize people over profits! Our standard is a simple one: People, their loved ones and their valuables matter.”


"My experience with Green Brook was amazing. My insurance specialist was very attentive to what my needs and budget were and made sure that I was educated on every possible option. I have a great rate that is very affordable!"
Whitney, Chicago
Valued Client
"Green Brook saves you money and does all the work so if you switch insurance it will be almost no effort on your part. Highly recommend."
Lorin, Oak Park
Valued Client

Choose From The Best Insurance Providers

All Our Providers Are Rated Highly

Some of what we offer

Life Insurance

Final expenses don’t have to be a burden; the thought of whether your loved ones will have enough shouldn’t worry you. If you want to set up income replacement, leave a financial gift or use life insurance as a savings vehicle, talk to us. Let us help.

Home Insurance

The home is a place of comfort and stability, and part of being a responsible owner or renter is considering the potential risks. Ensuring that you’re financially covered in the event of a fire, injury, or other loss will help keep you at peace.

Auto Insurance

People don’t intend to cause accidents, but they happen. Sadly, there are real (and sometimes costly) expenses that accompany those accidents. Auto insurance isn’t just a legal requirement–it’s actual protection from financial loss. A policy review will put your mind at ease.

How it Works

Step 1

Tell Us About Yourself

To protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables, we need your information. Fill out the form.

Step 2

We'll Do The Research

Your licensed onboarding team will quickly compare your quotes and email a proposal for your review.

Step 3

Choose The Right Plan

We’ll advise, have Q&A’s and offer the best policy recommendations. We’ll help cancel previous policies, etc.

All Our Carriers Are Financially Strong.

WHy Choose Green Brook?

Jeff, Chicago
Valued Client

Our Values

Expertise, Integrity and Allegiance—these values are at the heart of Green Brook Insurance and they inform our innovation. We are always designing and refining resources to take the intimidation and mystery out of insurance, making insurance more and more pain-free. Click here to learn more about us

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Frequently asked question

Whether the home is on fire or you have a small question, at Green Brook, we’re licensed human beings who are here for you—call, text or email. We want you to “bother” us. Why? Because our mission is to care for our clients because you’re worth it. And since you’re worth it, our allegiance is to you and not a particular insurance company. We have many carriers to choose from, which means (1) we can better tailor insurance to meet your specific needs and (2) we can get a competitive price for your situation. 

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